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4/2005 to now SDP Technologies, Inc. (http://www.sdp-tech.com) Cincinnati, Ohio

Title:  Senior Project Lead

Technical Environment:
Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2005, VB.NET, ASP.NET 2.0, AJAX Extensions 1.0 and Control Toolkit, Microsoft SQL Server 2003/2005, ComponentOne Studio, Windows XP.

Core Responsibilities:
  • Lead the development outsourcing team in China
  • Requirements analysis and specification development
  • System component design
  • Project management and control

6/2001 to 3/2005 CPU, Inc. (http://www.cpulink.net) Cincinnati, Ohio

Title:  Information System Analyst

Technical Environment:
Microsoft Visual Studio.NET 2003, VB.NET, ASP.NET 1.0, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Windows XP, NetOp, FedEx Plug-in, Jmail, Paypal Integration, VisualASP Components

Core Responsibilities:
  • Requirements analysis and system design
  • Specification development
  • Program implementation and testing
  • System documentation
  • Technical training and education
  • Project management and control

8/1999 to 4/2001 T’Rasa Design Inc. (http://www.trasa.com) Cincinnati, Ohio

Title:  Web Developer

Technical Environment:
Microsoft Visual InterDev, Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, Oracle 8.0, Oracle PL-SQL, Toad, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Windows 2000

Core Responsibilities:
  • Play a major role in the web application development - design and lay the foundation of its web based "Plantain Asset Management Application".
  • Design and implement database objects for web application in SQL Server 7.0/2000.
  • Customize and develop the web based Plantain system based on the requirement from clients.
  • Implement window based asset management system’s back-end in Oracle 8 including Tables, Indexes, Functions & Stored Procedures.
  • Perform Oracle 8 administration work in development team.
  • Write server side DLLs for web applications.
  • Search and evaluate web components for projects, such as Treeview component from VisualASP, ASPUploadŽ from Persits Software, Jmail from tech.dimac.net and NetCharts3.6 from Visualmining.

4/1998 to 7/1999 Thinkware Corporation (http://www.thinkwareinc.com) Cincinnati, Ohio

Title: Application Programmer

Technical Environment:
Great Plains Dexterity, Microsoft Visual InterDev, Visual Basic 4.0, ASP, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, Windows 98

Core Responsibilities:
  • Write code and reports for its "Darwin PEO Payroll System" base on Great Plains"Dynamics".
  • Participate in development of its web based "DarwiNet - Internet Self Servicing System"
  • Participate in other Client/Server product development and conducted MS SQL server administration work.
  • Develop the database conversion application to convert C-Tree database to MS SQL server 6.5 database.
  • Conduct system installation and configuration for SQL products on client site.

11/1996 to 7/1997 Eclipse Computing Pte Ltd (http://sg.eclipsecomputing.com) Singapore & Japan

Title: Senior Consultant

Technical Environment:
Microsoft Visual InterDev, Visual Basic 4.0, Microsoft SQL Server 6.0, Microsoft Access, Windows 95

Core Responsibilities:

  • Interact and consult with clients for using its "SunAccount" ™ financial system.
  • Analyze, design and write code for customized systems to interface with "SunAccount" ™ system.
  • Design and write code for "Bank Remittance System".
  • Provide support for marketing and sales activities on new projects.


Other IT companies located in Singapore

Application Programmer (Before 11/96)

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